{September 28, 2011}   Rebel Flag

Those that choose
neither! – Ben Franklin

people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power,

right to rise up and shake off the existing government,

a new one that suits them better. This is a most

most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is

liberate the world”

– Abraham

“A government big enough to give you everything you
want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

I would love to see a rebel flag in a black neighborhood.  I would love to see it all the time.  From real, good hearted people.  Wanting to shed peace and not blood.  To make a difference, and a change, and to make their sort of amends for the past, for their ancestors, or maybe their grandpas.  I think the Confederate Flag is a pretty design.  And yes it stands for rebellion, and slavery, to some.  But to others, who fly the flag, it stands for freedom.  For the Southern Family.  And it could stand for redemption….

Black people all over the world, I’m not saying to denounce the fact it does harbor ill will.  And that those who hold it in their hearts have hatred in their eyes.  But for every word, there’s a different pronunciation, and sometimes, meaning.  Think of it this way- it is a symbol of holding the rights to exist.  If that means bearing arms, then it means that.  If it means being racist , then it means that.  If it means living honestly and courageously, it means that.  I’ve seen some people listen to country songs with a rebel flag and they were as racist as they come.  But ever since I was in High School, I wondered about a certain question from a white boy, “Why do blacks not like being called black by whites(or the N-word in it’s more friendly tone, nigga)?” He was inquisitive, looking deep.  Being half black, having a dad who really makes it easy for me to understand, I told him, “Because whites have done some bad things to them.”  He responded something like, “So, it’s the past.”  But I came back with, “No it’s not.” And the convo ended there.

It might seem like blacks just hold on to the past and don’t let go, and maybe that’s true.  But racism still happens, and whites still screw over blacks.  Blacks still struggle to find equality, and many don’t get it.  Even good, hard workers, who should do their own thing instead of getting noticed by people who have no common curteousy.

But this white boy opened my eyes to a new view of the redneck.  He was a start.  Then, I had a classmate who was redneck- but was not white.  He was black.  And he wasn’t a poser, he was straight redneck- I could imagine him muddin in a jeep.  He wore a rebel flag cap.  And that’s where it hit me- what is the Rebel Flag really about, if this black guy wears it on his head?

Ever since, I always wondered, “What if there are whites who see something different than what many blacks see, in the rebel flag?”  And so I did my research over the years and found out there is another meaning to that thing which flied over the South during the war which ended slavery.  There’s another aspect to it’s existence, and it’s not really something blacks should hate- in fact, they could learn to love it if it weren’t for the slavery aspect.

Family(a big thing for the southern family, possibly the biggest- good kids who can make it in the world), hard work(no handouts, gotta work to provide, living for the kids as a man or woman), discipline(make good choices and be accountable for mistakes, for the good of the family being raised), courage(be ready to fight whoever threatens the peace), patriotism(fighting for the right to type what I’m typing as a woman for goodness sakes), respect(a southern thing, like hospitality), Jesus(defines the view in whole), individual freedom(less gov’t for a reason).  Things like what Republicans should stand for every breath of their life- independence, self love, strength, dignity, honor, respect.  With a touch of real Democrats- humility, charity, lending a hand and helping the less fortunate.  Being a good citizen.  That’s the Flag WITHOUT racism intended.  Without it existing.  But of course, it does.  I guess it’s best to say blacks should separate racism from the flag and deal with it realistically- it is just a flag.  Dislike the one who flies it, not the thing he flies.  Because the thing flying in your neighborhood might actually have a cool family it represents.


Sunrise Wallpaper

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